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Menu of the new frontier of the chief chef who supported the famous inn

Cooking information

The chief chef of this facility who knows all about local ingredients according to the season in the spring, summer, autumn and winter of Sanin
We carefully select the most delicious seasonal ingredients at that time, and offer dishes that consider deliciousness and health.
The rich and fresh taste of Sanin is created with the utmost care for the deliciousness of the ingredients.
We will create a time to decorate the highlights of your trip.

Taste the mountain seafood nurtured by the local nature

The chef will prepare the blessings of the mountains and the sea in the Sanin region with great care.
Misasa's land "Sanin" is a treasure trove of ingredients, including the delicious seafood of the Sea of Japan, the bounty of the mountains surrounded by the abundant mountains and the nurturing of the local nature.
Use the passion of local production for local consumption and various ingredients for each season, and enjoy the seasonal dishes that are rich in local colors and the skill of the chief chef shines.
  • Dinner:Recommended Kaiseki cuisine

    A standard kaiseki meal where you can enjoy delicious seasonal ingredients.
    It is an original kaiseki meal of the chief chef according to the four seasons.

    【Supper serving time】18:00/ /18:30/ /19:00
    • 【Postscript】"spring"((An example of a meal)


      Plum wine

      First-come-first-served basis

      Monthly tofu/ /Seasonal dressing


      Assortment of three species from the coastal waters

      Things on the table

      Prefectural Wagyu beef shabu-shabu((Tofu tailoring)


      Monthly steamed food


      Soba sushi


      Grilled Spanish mackerel and bamboo shoots

      Fried food

      Fried shrimp lotus root




      Misasa Rice

      Pickled Vegetables

      Assortment of three points


      Two kinds of seasonal jelly
  • Dinner:Vegan plan

    VEGAN, which has become established in Japan, is a dish that excludes not only meat and fish, but also eggs, dairy products, and honey.
    For health-conscious people and vegans, we have started the Blancart Misasa original plan!
    Please enjoy the original menu devised by the chief chef based on vegetarian cuisine.
    Recommended for those who are health conscious as well as the effects of radon hot springs! There is no doubt that you will be healed both physically and mentally with delicious and healthy food and hot springs!

    【Supper serving time】18:00/ /18:30/ /19:00
    • 【Postscript】


      Raw Yuba Toro((Raw yuba 20g):59.2kcal


      Sand Dune Chinese Yam noodles((Sand Dune Chinese Yam 40g):26.1kcal

      Things on the table

      Yudofu soymilk tailoring (using unadjusted soymilk)/ /Soy milk 1:Kelp soup stock 1 / 1/4 cotton tofu, vegetables, ponzu sauce):125.4kcal

      Boiled food

      Local vegetables boiled in the Netherlands (eggplant fried and soaked)/ /Boiled long potato white/ /Wetland mushroom Arima boiled/ /Colored carrot/ /Okra):100.9kcal

      Grilled Dish

      Handmade sesame tofu red miso Dengaku grilled((Sesame tofu 30g x 2):119.6kcal


      Fried yam isobe with salted karaiwa (40 g of yam / 1/2 of sushi seaweed (fried) / 1 sushi kara):109.7kcal


      Kombu soup stock (150cc) (Enoki/ /Tree bud):8.8kcal

      Pickled Vegetables

      Lightly pickled cucumber((Cucumber 20g):3.2kcal


      Misasa Rice((100g):168.0kcal


      Two kinds of seasonal fruits (apple):1/8 / strawberry:1):16.91kcal

      Total kcal

  • Dinner:Hyundai hot spring medical treatment plan

    We are proposing "modern hot spring medical treatment", which is a medical treatment method based on the effects of Misasa Onsen and a healthy diet, by improving and improving the health-conscious lifestyle that is being lost to modern people with hot springs and food.
    The cuisine is a gem that uses carefully selected seafood and mountain delicacies in Misasa, which is rich in nature.
    We offer meals based on Ichiju Sansai so that you can rest inside your body.
    Get beauty and health with dishes that are gentle on your body and mind, using seasonal ingredients that are harvested on that day, regardless of Japanese or Western style.

    【Supper serving time】18:00/ /18:30/ /19:00
    • 【Postscript】((An example of a meal)

      First-come-first-served basis


      Warm food

      Boiled including Ganmodoki

      Grilled Dish

      Hoki no Ko/ /Shiitake mushroom salt grilled/ /Open burning

      Cold bowl

      Mini salad

      Armpit plate

      Seasoned seaweed


      Three kinds

      juice((Marumi Shinshu miso)

      Root vegetable soup((Soy milk tailoring)


      Misasa Rice barley rice*With Sakura egg


      Yogurt/ /orange
  • Healthy Japanese breakfast that is kind to the body

    We also have a balanced menu of local production for local consumption that is particular about health for breakfast.
    We will prepare a nutritional balance that considers the vitality of the morning and a healthy menu with a total calorie intake of 800 kcal or less.
    A healthy "healthy" Japanese breakfast where you can enjoy the natural taste of seasonal ingredients grown in the neighboring area.

    【Breakfast serving time】7:00/ /7:30/ /8:00
    • Breakfast menu

      Chuo University

      A. Horen grass with sesame sauce/ /B. Hijiki seaweed/ /C. Komatsuna roasted and soaked

      Warm food

      A. Boiled including Ganmodoki Ryuto/ /B. Roll cabbage/ /C. Nikujaga

      Grilled Dish

      A. Hoki no Ko, Shiitake Mushroom Shioyaki, Open Burn/ /B. Grilled mackerel with salt/ /C. Sockeye salmon grilled with salt

      Cold bowl

      A. Mini salad/ /B. Mini salad/ /C. Mini salad

      Armpit plate

      A. Seasoned seaweed/ /B. Seasoned seaweed/ /C. Seasoned seaweed


      A. Three kinds/ /B. Three kinds/ /C. Three kinds

      juice((Marumi Shinshu miso)

      A. Root vegetable soup((Soy milk tailoring)/ /B. Clam soup/ /C. Nameko soup


      A. Misasa Rice barley rice*With Sakura egg/ /B. Misasa Rice barley rice*With Sakura egg/ /C. Misasa Rice barley rice*With Sakura egg


      A. Yogurt orange/ /B. Yogurt and grapefruit/ /C. yogurt orange
  • Healthy lunch menu considering nutritional balance

    We offer a variety of menus, incorporating healthy ingredients for local production for local consumption and Game Meat, which has a high nourishing and tonic effect.
    "Oyamadori Healthy Cutlet (990 yen including tax)", which is filled with the deliciousness of local chicken, goes well with the cutlet with white onion sauce.
    "Game Meat wild boar meat and addictive miso stir-fry (990 yen including tax)", which gives you the original taste of meat, is rich in nourishment and the food goes on.Please enjoy it once.
    The original menu is abundant and popular with locals and tourists.Of course, you can use it only for lunch.
    • Restaurant information

      Opening Hours

      11:30 to 14:00

      Last order

  • Regarding allergy handling

    For customers with allergies, we will do our best to accommodate any requests made in advance (3 days in advance).

    However, although it is possible to deal with allergies to single ingredients such as "shrimp is not good", allergens of ingredients such as wheat and soybeans may be contained in seasonings.
    We may not be able to handle all of them.Please contact us in advance (3 days in advance) by email or phone.

    In addition, there are individual differences in the susceptibility to allergies.
    It is possible not to use the ingredients you want, but it is not possible to completely remove even the slightest ingredients attached to cooking utensils such as pots.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Due to the restrictions of the business of an inn, it is difficult to fully meet your request, so please be sure to contact your doctor if it is severe for safety reasons.

    Click here for inquiries regarding meals and allergies
    Tel:0858-43-2211 mail:misasa@blancart.jp