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【Official】Blanc Art Misasa


Misasa Onsen, Tottori Prefecture, is a famous hot spring in Japan that is said to cure the disease if the morning comes three times.
In the hope that it will be useful for those who wish for good health, this facility is conducting research on radon at Misasa Onsen, which the university has been studying for many years.
We have set up a dedicated facility for hot air bathing, which is considered to be an effective bathing method.
We have already received many gratitude.
We will continue to aim to be a "health promotion inn" as a facility that is close to many people who wish for good health in Misasa Town, which is rich in nature.

The charm of hot springs

  • Please enjoy the spring quality effect of "Misasa Onsen" which has a high health promotion effect.

    Misasa Onsen has long been used as a hot spring sanatorium for spa therapy.At this facility, as a facility where you can experience this effect, under the supervision of Professor Yamaoka of Okayama University, who has been researching "miracle hot springs" for many years, you can effectively ingest Radon Hot Air Bath. Was opened.Many people say that Misasa Onsen is effective in promoting health because of the hormesis effect of boosting immunity and promoting natural healing.From now on, not only "immersing" in the hot spring but also "sucking" will realize a higher medical treatment effect.
  • Misasa Onsen A hot spring inn for health promotion"Blanc Art Misasa"

    Misasa Onsen is known as one of the world's leading radioactive springs containing high concentrations of radon.This facility has opened a hot spring recuperation facility, "Radon Hot Air Bath," which takes advantage of this blessed spring quality.Regarding the effects of Misasa Onsen and Radon Hot Air Bath, we have received comments from Hiroyuki Matsuura (Mayor of Misasa) and Professor Seinori Yamaoka of Okayama University Graduate School, who is a leading researcher of radon.

Concept model of modern spa therapy

  • We propose a modern hot spring treatment only here that maximizes the power of Misasa Onsen.

    Balneotherapy is a spa therapy that treats physical and mental fatigue and illness by utilizing the expected effects of hot springs.The accommodation model of hot springs, which is a bit different from the purpose of leisure, is also the charm of Misasa Onsen.In the "modern hot spring medical treatment plan", which is a short-term stay type that suits the lives of modern people, you can relax and enjoy seasonal foods using ingredients that are good for your health, carefully selected by the chief chef of this facility.
    In addition, in the "Long-term hot spring medical treatment plan", we also offer a room-only accommodation plan where you can prepare your own meals at the kitchen so that you can experience the hot spring medical treatment model in earnest.
    We would like to have a comfortable large communal bath with "100% source" and "Radon Hot Air Bath" of this facility to improve the functions of mind and body and to be a facility that can be rejuvenated by the power of nature.

Radon health benefits of Misasa Onsen and Blancart Misasa

  • Introduction of health promotion effect of Misasa Onsen

    At Brunner Blancart Misasa, we hope that as many people as possible will be aware of the health benefits of using the high-concentration radon bath at Misasa Onsen and help our customers improve their health.We offer a wide range of plan, from day trip hot springs with lunch to long-term hot spring medical treatment accommodation, so that you can use the traditional hot spring medical treatment more easily, easily, and more comfortably in your modern life. We are here.You can enjoy the health benefits of Misasa Onsen, such as health-conscious dishes, plan linked to Misasa Onsen Hospital, and plan to enjoy leisure time at the adjacent Violin Museum.

Radon Hot Air Bath

  • Blanc Art Misasa"Radon Hot Air Bath"

    It is expected to have a hormesis effect that promotes metabolism and enhances immunity and natural healing power.In a hot air bathroom with a room temperature of 30 to 35 degrees and a humidity of about 90%, high-concentration radon is filled in a mist shape, and by repeating inhalation for 40 minutes once every two days, it is possible to use the power of nature. You can expect to regain vitality.
    We would like to be a facility where you can hear a lot of customers' smiles and voices that they have become energetic.

    *The radon concentration in the "Radon Hot Air Bath" of this facility was measured by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and recorded a value of 1,450 Bq / m3.
  • Health benefits of radon

    For healthy longevity, it is also important to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and aging.There are many oxidative stress factors in daily life that cause the body to rust and cause lifestyle-related diseases and aging.When this is excessive, it has a negative effect on health throughout the body.These include smoking, overeating, drinking too much, excessive exercise, mental stress, and natural UV and moist heat, and high doses of radiation.However, if a small amount of moderate oxidative stress such as radon inhalation is used, the ability to adapt to it will increase along with the physiological stimulating action, and various functions of the living body will be activated.This helps to alleviate the symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases and prevent aging.
  • Blancart Misasa's hot air bath method has several times the health effect

    Radon can be taken into the body by various routes, such as "drinking" directly from the skin "soaking" in a hot spring or "inhaling" mist.
    At this facility, not only bathing and drinking hot springs, but also 90% of the intake is inhalation, so by adopting the radon high-concentration hot air bath method from a source rich in radon, more efficient health You can expect the effect.
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Within this facility / facility

  • Lobby

    We will welcome you in the quiet, moist and calm atmosphere of the entrance and lobby.
  • In-hotel shop

    We have a wide selection of travel souvenirs, from standard items around Sanin and Misasa to hidden masterpieces.
    Many local confectioneries and mists using radon hot springs are also popular.
  • Restaurant

    From the large window, you can overlook the Misasa Onsen Town, creating a space full of openness.
    In the lunch business, we have a standard menu to taste the taste of Sanin and our original health-friendly menu, and the green smoothie is very popular.
    *Lunch is also available for non-guests.
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Hotel Name

Blancart Misasa, a spa inn for health promotion


3881 Misasa, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture

Telephone number



【Car】Chugoku Expressway:60 minutes from Innosho IC on National Route 179
【JR】Sanin Line:15 minutes by local bus from Kurayoshi Station

Pick-up available (This is not a circular bus, so advance reservations are required.)
【JR】Pick up and arrive at Kurayoshi Station (14:30/ /16:30/ /17:30)/ /Sending / Departing from the inn ((9:30/ /11:15)
【Highway bus】Pick up/arrive at Misasa Onsen Exit 12:55 
*Since it is a reservation system, please make a reservation in advance by e-mail or telephone.
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Infectious disease countermeasures Our response Entrance / front desk

  • We ask everyone to measure the temperature.

    We measure the temperature at the entrance and manage the entrance restrictions for the large communal bath.
    If you do not wear a mask at the time of admission, you may be refused admission.
    ((Customers without masks sell for 50 yen)
    We also guide you to keep your social distance.
  • Front desk droplet infection

    The front desk is also made of vinyl to prevent droplet infections, and trays are used at the time of payment.
    We also support cashless payments.

Infectious disease countermeasures Our response hot springs

  • Large Communal Bath

    The large communal bath is managed by the front desk so that the maximum number of men and women is 12 and the maximum is 24, and the chairs are thinned out.
  • Undressing BOX

    The large communal bath undressing BOX is also restricted.
    Please understand that we are limiting the number of people who can take a bath.

Infectious disease countermeasures Our restaurant

  • Restaurant splash prevention

    We have changed the restaurant seats so that they can sit in the same direction.
    We have also set up a tsuitate and are limiting the number of people.
    The windows of the restaurant are closed, but the large ventilation fan ventilates with the maximum wind force, and all the air is replaced in 5 minutes.

Infectious disease countermeasures Our response Public

  • In front of the elevator

    A disinfectant solution is installed in front of the elevator on each floor.
    In addition, we are limited to 4 people at a time.
  • Social distance measures

    The chairs in the lobby, restaurant, and banquet hall are set up with POPs so that they can be spaced apart as a measure against social distance.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.


RECEPTION:8:00 to 20:00