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Hot Springs

The source of this facility, which is rich in radon, is the source of health promotion.

Information on hot springs

Experience the health-promoting effects of 100% high-quality hot water from Blancart Misasa Hot Spring of Misasa, which boasts one of the highest amounts of radon in the world.
In this facility, in addition to the large communal bath where you can "soak" and the "drinking" drinking hot spring, there is also a "breathing" hot air bath.
There are family baths and barrier-free baths that can be used by wheelchairs, so you can enjoy the Misasa hot springs in a way that suits you comfortably and efficiently!

List of hot springs

At this facility, the family can
A variety of bathrooms are available, including a relaxing family bath.
  • Large public bath with 100% radon source

    Each bath is supplied with hot spring water from the facility's garden "Curie Square".
    Enjoy the warmth and quality of the hot spring to your heart's content and spend a luxurious time.
    In addition to the large men's and women's baths, we also offer private baths and baths for the physically challenged (reservation required).
    Misasa Onsen is famous for its radon content and is one of the most simple radioactive springs in the world, and has been featured in various media as "miracle water".
    Hot spring bath hours
    ① 6:00 to 9:00 / ② 11:00 to 22:30*Cleaning time is from 9:00 to 11:00
    Hot spring qualities
    Simple weak radioactive hot spring
    100% colorless and transparent source.You can also drink the hot spring.
    Neuralgia/ /muscle pain/ /Joint pain/ /Fifty shoulders/ /Motor paralysis/ /Joint disease/ /Chronic gastrointestinal disease/ /Hemorrhoids/ /Cold sensitivity/ /Post-illness recovery period/ /Fatigue recovery/ /Health Promotion/ /gout/ /Arteriosclerosis/ /high blood pressure/ /Cholelithiasis/ /Chronic skin disease/ /Chronic gynecological disease
    Contraindications for bath
    Acute disease (especially if you have a fever) / Active tuberculosis / Severe heart disease / Respiratory failure / Renal failure / Hemorrhagic disease / Severe anemia / During pregnancy
  • Radon source 100% family bath

    Even in the family bath, you can use the source of Misasa, which is rich in radon.
    Please enjoy the private family bath where you can enjoy Misasa Onsen to your heart's content.
    *Please make a reservation by phone the day before.
    Hot spring bath hours
    11:00 to 21:00((Admission until 20:00)
    Family bath with 100% radon source.
    Usage fee
    2,200 JPY((Tax included)
  • Radon source 100% barrier-free bath

    Even in the barrier-free bath, you can use the source of Misasa, which is rich in radon.
    We are considerate of the elderly and wheelchairs, so please take a leisurely bath and enjoy the benefits of Misasa Onsen.
    *Please make a reservation by phone the day before.
    Hot spring bath hours
    11:00 to 21:00((Admission until 20:00)
    Usage fee
    2,200 JPY((Tax included)
  • Paid private open-air bath with BBQ

    A paid private open-air bath with 100% free-flowing radon springs!
    Here, you can enjoy BBQ while naked in a private space.
    The hormesis effect is also perfect with 100% source.
    Enjoy with your family and couples!
    You can also wear a bathing suit, so you can enjoy it with your friends and colleagues!
    One day trip/1800 yen ・ Accommodation 900 yen per group

Hot spring information list

Hot Springs

Blancart Misasa

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:0 woman:0 Mixed bathing:0
[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[Sauna]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities

Mist sauna/ /Jacuzzi

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adults 150 yen (children free (0-11 years old)) will be charged separately.