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Radon Hot Air Bath

Expected to improve health by radon-rich source mist

Information on Radon Hot Air Bath

"Misasa Onsen" is a famous hot spring that boasts one of the world's most radioactive springs.
This nature-rich radon-rich spring has long been loved by people who wish for good health.
In order to efficiently take in the effects of Misasa Onsen, this facility has set up a new hot spring "Radon Hot Air Bath" that sucks hot springs.

Sucking hot spring Radon Hot Air Bath

We propose a new hot spring therapy to promote health at the hot springs where you can efficiently obtain the hormesis effect.
【Okayama University Graduate School Graduate School of Health Sciences Radiation Health Support Science Area】Doctor of Medicine / Doctor of Science,Under the facility supervision of Professor Kiyonori Yamaoka,
It is a new spa therapy that inhales radon from the source of Misasa Onsen, which contains a high concentration of radon.
  • Blancart Misasa"Radon Hot Air Bathroom"

    It is expected to have a hormesis effect that promotes metabolism and enhances immunity and natural healing power.In a hot air bathroom with a room temperature of 30 to 35 degrees and a humidity of about 90%, high-concentration radon is filled in a mist shape, and by repeating inhalation for 40 minutes once every two days, it is possible to use the power of nature. You can expect to regain vitality.
    We would like to be a facility where you can hear a lot of customers' smiles and voices that they have become energetic.

    *The radon concentration in the "Radon Hot Air Bathroom" of this facility has been measured by National Research and Development Agency Japan Atomic Energy Agency and has been recorded as 1,450 Bq/m3.
      • User guide
        Reception hours:
        10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00

        Content introduction:
        Hot air bath once 40 minutes, large bath free of charge, rental((Face towel, bath towel, Samue/ /1 time each)

        Usage fee:
        Guests:3,000 JPY((Tax included)/ /Day trip:3,500 JPY((Tax included)
        Those who stay 5 consecutive nights or more with the hot spring treatment plan:2,000 yen/1 time((Tax included)
      • *If you are a hotel guest and are making a reservation for a hot air bath online.
        "adult(12 years old or older) *Please select the option ``Guests staying overnight'' and make a reservation.
  • Health benefits of radon

    For healthy longevity, it is also important to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and aging.There are many oxidative stress factors in daily life that cause the body to rust and cause lifestyle-related diseases and aging.When this is excessive, it has a negative effect on health throughout the body.These include smoking, overeating, drinking too much, excessive exercise, mental stress, and natural UV and moist heat, and high doses of radiation.However, if a small amount of moderate oxidative stress such as radon inhalation is used, the ability to adapt to it will increase along with the physiological stimulating action, and various functions of the living body will be activated.This helps to alleviate the symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases and prevent aging.
  • The hot air bath method of Blancart Misasa has several times the health benefits

    Radon can be taken into the body by various routes, such as "drinking" directly from the skin "soaking" in a hot spring or "inhaling" mist.
    At this facility, not only bathing and drinking hot springs, but also 90% of the intake is inhalation, so by adopting the radon high-concentration hot air bath method from a source rich in radon, more efficient health You can expect the effect.
  • Effect by symptom

    Misasa Onsen is famous for its radon content and is one of the most simple radioactive springs in the world, and has been featured in various media as "miracle water".
      • For pain relief
        Studies have also demonstrated that inhaling radon, for example, has a "pain-relieving effect."
        Since it can be expected to relieve pain caused by stiff shoulders and back pain, this may be the basis of the tradition that "all illnesses will be cured by the arrival of the morning of the third day."
      • Also for alleviating the symptoms of other lifestyle-related diseases
        Experiments with radon inhalation have shown that, for example, the physiological stimulating action causes the enhancement of antioxidant function and the promotion of metabolism, which prevents hyperlipidemia and diabetes and alleviates the symptoms.
        If you are an office worker who doesn't get enough exercise and has a lot of opportunities to drink alcohol, you may be able to rejuvenate your healthy body by recuperating at "Blancart Misasa".
      • Expected to take anti-aging measures
        Similarly, according to experiments and surveys, the increase in antioxidant power when a person weighing 60 kg takes a bath in the bathroom of Misasa Radon Onsen for 30 minutes is
        It is estimated to be equivalent to the amount of antioxidant vitamins when ingesting 3 lemons.
        Therefore, instead of vitamins taken as anti-aging, it is effective as a skin-beautifying effect, for example.
        Furthermore, the synergistic effect of inhalation of radon and intake of antioxidant vitamins is also expected.
  • Voice of customers who used

    Introducing valuable opinions from customers who used it.
    We take customer feedback seriously and are working on improvements every day for further growth and satisfying service.
      • Kagawa prefecture 80s/ /Female
        We have been visiting the museum every month since August 30, 2018, and we are happy to help you.
        The staff will do better, so I would like to use it if I have the opportunity.
        My body has become very light and healthy, and I am delighted to experience the hot air bath.
      • Tottori prefecture 60s/ /Male
        I have been using this service eight times since October, thinking that my family got sick and I can expect it to be effective against Parkinson's disease on the Internet website.
        Recently, I feel that my pain has decreased a little and walking has become a little lighter.
        I would like to continue to make time.
      • Tottori prefecture 60s/ /Male
        I use it once every one to two weeks.
        Since I suffered from illness last year, I am using it for the purpose of preventing illness and improving immunity.
        Fortunately, I'm in good health so far, so I think it will have some effect.
      • Fukuoka prefecture 60s/ /Male
        I use it about twice a year, but recently I've been sweating a lot and is it effective? I will continue to maintain my health.
        I think 20 days is good once, but it's always a week.
      • Fukuoka prefecture 60s/ /Female
        My husband had a myocardial infarction and stomach cancer, so I started to take care of my health.
        I have high blood pressure and diabetes, so I am being examined at my hospital.
        Since the hemoglobin value was improved last time, I hope to get a good value by taking this radon.
      • Osaka prefecture male
        I think the hot air bath treatment is very good.
        Cancer is an incurable disease, and it is easier and better to eliminate it with radon.
        I think that life will be brighter and more enjoyable if more and more people understand and use it for treatment.
        I had stage 3 colorectal cancer, but it has been 3 years since I did not use anticancer drugs after surgery.
      • Tottori prefecture 50s/ /Female
        Chronic stiff shoulders, stiff neck, insomnia, and skin texture have changed considerably.
        From the 4th time, I thought about how to take this goodness into my body, and opened my eyes and mouth.
        I used to talk at the call center all day and my voice was rattling, but the rattling of my voice healed just by opening my mouth once, and the next day my throat was incredibly refreshing and rattling. Now I can speak smoothly.
        Thank you.
      • Osaka prefecture 70s/ /Female
        I learned about hot air baths in ANA's in-flight magazine.
        My husband's main purpose is to treat prostate cancer, but I also have shoulder pain and back pain associated with aging, so I come with him.
        It's a week of spring and autumn in the year.
        My husband's medical condition is well progressed, and the doctor has told me that this number is safe after 3 years.